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Summer Enamel Exhibitor

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Now you have available an offer with 24 different colors and 15 ml

Includes exhibitor and gift of atop ultra gloss

It contains:

light water,mango, aquamarine, Neon green,yellow,tropical pink, baby blue, violet AB, nautica, pink AB, nude, lipstick, ballerina, , red fire, lichee, sangria,mandarina ...


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Descripción Summer Enamel Exhibitor

Remember that our enamels are 8 FREE, free harmful chemicals for health:

  • Formaldehído: A chemical substance produced on a large scale in the world and used by different industries as preservative and disinfectant, has been classified as carcinogen by the experts of the World Health Organization.
  • Tolueno: It can cause nausea, memory problems, fatigue and state of confusion as it affects the nervous system. In contact with the skin, toluene causes irritation and can even cause dermatitis.
  • Dibutyl Fthalate (DBP): Due to its toxicity, the use of this substance in cosmetic products, including nail polishes, is prohibited in the European Union.
  • Formaldehyde resins: Being a derivative of formaldehyde, it can cause irritation and dermatitis
  • Parabens:preservative that can alter the hormonal balance of the organism, action that is known as endocrine disruptor.
  • Xilenos:The main effect of xylene steam inhalation is the depression of the central nervous system with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.
  • Etil tosilamide: Europe has banned this product due to its antibacterial properties and concern for resistance to antibiotics.
  • TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate):This chemical allows the enamel to be more durable when painting the nails. It is an endocrine disruptor and is known to cause development and reproduction problems in animals.

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