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The fact that you access this website implies that you know, understand and accept the conditions of use in the existing version at the time of access. Since, depending on the legal regulations in force at any time, the conditions may be modified, we recommend that you consult them whenever you access this website, as well as our privacy policy. subject to the site. Exclusion of responsibilities through this website, we provide information on the services and/or products we offer or market. that information is offered as the user can see it, not accepting liability for possible damages caused by: · the absence of the information or the services and/or products offered, its inaccuracy, its lack of updating or the existence of failures in access to part or to the entire contents of this website or of others that can be accessed from it. loss of information or damage to equipment caused by the use of this website or of others accessed from it.


All prices on the web include VAT.

At the initial price shown on the website for each of the products offered, the fees for the relevant shipping costs will be added, which can change during the year on the basis of the current rate at the time of the order recording. In any case, such fees will be communicated to the customer before formalizing the purchase itself.

Miasecretspain reserves the right to modify, increase or remove the products offered, with the respective price change, promotions, kits or offers; without this affecting the orders made until before recording the change on the website.

The sales made to residents of ceuta, melilla or canarias, to which a differentiated tax regime of the peninsular is applied, will in any case be sent to a domicile located in those territories. In the event that the address of delivery of the order designated by a resident in ceuta, melilla or canarias is located in peninsular territory, the company will proceed to apply to such sales the tax rates corresponding to the territory.

Use of the website

Oted is aware that the use of this website takes place under its sole and exclusive responsibility, and thus accepts it voluntarily and expressly in accessing it. It also consents not to use any of the contents included on the website for purposes that are unlawful or contrary to public order, morals and good customs commonly accepted. In particular, and without this entailing a limitation to what is stated here, oted also undertakes not to obtain, reproduce or distribute the contents shown on this website if it is not for personal use and in no case profitable. intellectual property rights all trademarks, commercial names or distinctive signs of any kind that appear on the website are the property of my secret spain or of third parties, without it being understood that access to the website grants you to oted any right on the designs, images, trademarks cited, commercial names and/or distinctive signs. Also, the contents are the intellectual property of our company or of third parties, without them being understood to exist to exist. applicable legislation these conditions of use are governed by Spanish legislation. mia secret spain and the user submits to the courts and tribunals of madrid for any controversy that may arise from the provision of the services subject to these conditions of Use.

How to buy?

To buy inwww.https://miasecretspain.es/You can do it without being a registered user. Ask as guest that will appearafter pressing the button: Go to the box


On the other hand it can be a registered user, for it has to click on the textLog in que will find in the top menu.


In both cases, complete the form with the mandatory data indicated. these data are important because then it will be where the products you buy are sent. to access the products for sale can do so through any of the categories menu buttons. Once you access the website of the selected option, all products belonging to that category will be displayed:

In the product tab you will find detailed information of the same, to add it to the shopping cart click on the buttonAdd to cart.

The products that are accumulating will be stored in the shopping cart, is summary information appears in the header at the top in the middle icon, showing the number of products in summary of all you carry accumulating to see the cart click the basket icon at the top right.

Shopping cart
in this section are shown all the products you have accumulated with: name, number of products, price per product and total. to add more units of a product you already have, enter the number of units in the box or click on the arrow symbol up to increase amount or down arrow to decrease amount. if you want to delete any product you have added click the bin icon.

Once the order is finished you will see the total purchase. On the other hand, you can see the destination where the trade sends products. select your destination to know the shipping cost you will be assuming. to pay the purchase press make the payment


When the customer confirms your order, declares to accept the same and making sure the products match in: quantity, color and/or desired features. Miasecretspain is not held responsible in case the client makes a wrong order. in this case, the costs of change or return shall be assumed by the customer.

Process of purchase
1. Invoicing and shipping data.
2. Payment information.
3. confirmation of purchase.

at the end of the process you will receive an email with the order confirmation. Once you have received your payment you will go to the expedition.

forms of payment

you can choose the one that interests you most at the end of the purchase process (selecting one of them):

Secure payment with credit/debit card:Integration gateway with safety certificate ssl with caixa

Bank transfer: in the purchase confirmation the trade will give you all the data to make the transfer. Please indicate the not of order in the comments of your transfer to expedite the process.

Paypal: You can pay by accountPaypalOn this paybridge. to make the order well and to get all the complete data to us must return tomy secretspain.Once the payment is made on paypal. the system of purchase is subject to the legislation in force in spider, therefore the sales operations will be understood to be carried out in the domicile of the trade.

Bizum: payment will be made immediately and safely through bizum. for this you will need your purchase key in electronic commerce.

Counter-refund: the payment will be made at the time of delivery of the order, through the mrw transport company, in euros and accepting only the exact amount in cash, not being able to make the payment using other means. a commission of 3.5% of the total order by the service shall be applied.


Read carefully:Shipping and delivery costs

Miasecretspain, is committed to delivering the product in perfect condition in the direction the customer signs on the order form. In the event of errors in the delivery direction provided by the customer, Miasecretspain will not be held responsible for the delivery times and the costs that can be derived.

the customer may not require a compensation in the case of the removal in the delivery. if after several attempts to deliver, the order is returned to mysecretspain, the customer will have to pay back the shipping costs.

Canaria, ceuta and melilla: the recipient must pay the customs and tax expenses that may originate at the time of delivery.


All products sold may be returned for 7 days from the date of delivery, in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish retail trade law. previously, the client must indicate his intention by e-mail toinfo@miasecretspain.esSpecifying the precise instructions for the return of the product. refund expenses will be incurred by the customer. the refund on the customer's account as a result of this refund will be made within 7 days from the receipt of the goods by my secret spain. the return may not take place in any case if the products supplied were manifestly used. products must be returned properly protected, in their original packaging, in a perfect condition (not damaged or dirty by the customer) with all accessories, instructions and documentation. will be sent to the place specified by my secret spain in the precise instructions for the return of the product sent by email. In the event that the return was not accepted by my secret spain because of the understanding that the product intended to be returned would have been used, these products will remain in the distribution store to be collected by the customer, for a period not exceeding thirty days its return.

Neither can the packages be returned in which it does not contain any attached element that allows to identify the sender (no order, name, address,...). The costs and risks associated with the return of the product shall be borne by the sender, who shall send them safely and with the guarantees necessary for the return of the goods to arrive in perfect condition of conservation. the return of the products will result in a refund equal to the purchase price of the returned product/s. refund does not include possible delivery costs. any person returning your product will receive an email informing you of the amount of your refund.


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