About the company

My Secret Spain

Enthusiasm for the products of this brand, born in 2017 the company Violeta Cosmetics under the name of Mia Secret Spainwith the aim of bringing the products of this prestigious brand to the beauty salons of all Spain. We know that many of you were waiting for him!

So we become official and exclusive distributors of Mía Secret Spain

We are committed to generating trust relations with our customers thanks to the prestige, innovation and quality of our products.

When you combine good taste, elegance, know-how and excellence the result is a trust relationship and a satisfied customer.

Therefore, the purpose of Mía Secret Spain is based on four key pillars:

- We offer premium products

- We generate customer service based on excellence

- We bet on specialized training

- We consider innovation and the vanguard the engine of our company

My Secret

It is an American company dedicated to the beauty of the nails that was born as a company in 2006.Nowadays the brand has a presence on the continents: America, Europe, Asia and Africa.It has spread in more than 50 countries like: Venezuela, South Africa, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica...etc.

The company has developed different products throughout its history that marked one before and one after in the company becoming known in many countries:

2010: acrylic and monomer launch

2010: Gelux semi-permanent glazes with more than 100 colors

2013: acrylic powders of colors

2014: SPA for pedicures and manicures and chrome mirror

2016: more than 4 color acrylic collections

What makes this brand unique:

- High quality standards in product

- Constant innovation

- Competitive prices

- Continuing international expansion

- They are cruelty free products: they do not test with animals