(1) How to apply Mia Secret Gelux semi-permanent glaze

(2) How to remove semi-permanent enamel with My Secret

3) Pedicure with My Secret

(4) Preparation of the natural nail with My Secret

(5) Husband extension using Mía Secret odorless monomer

6) French manicure with semi-permanent enamel Gelux

7) Application of acrylic with TIPS

8) Correct brush cleaning

9) FORMAGEL application with tips

10) Application of FORMAGEL with forms

11) How to apply Acrylic & Gel

12) How to apply chrome mirror effect

13) How to apply French Manicure and long lasting

14) Application of gel in cold or fiberglass

15) Gel resin with acrylic powder

16) Jelly or Gelatin effect with art drop

17) We show you the colors of the 4 acrylics cover:

18) How to Apply Polymia:

19) How to use Dipping Gel: