Pegamento para Pestañas de Tira o Banda Waterproof

Pegamento para Pestañas de Tira o Banda Waterproof


Waterproof black eyelash weight 7g

The waterproof adhesive is grayish but it becomes dark when drying.

It is hypoallergenic since it is latex free and without additives. It doesn't burn, it doesn't irritate and it doesn't cause a spike. It does not damage the follicle or the natural tab. Duration from 10 to 15 days (according to care).

Shake well before use.

Below you can read the instructions for use.

Ref: EG-04


Instructions for use:

1. Apply a fine line of adhesive along the basis of the tabs you will apply. Never apply directly to eyelids.

2. Wait 30 seconds or until the glue has a sticky consistency. Meanwhile, hold the tabs on both ends of the base, double slightly forward and backward, forming a horseshoe. This movement helps to slightly curve the tab to apply, so it fits to the base of your eyelid in an easy and comfortable way.

3. Centre the tab near the base of your natural tabs and press the edges instead. To ensure that the tab is firm, gently press the applied tab from one side to another until the adhesive dries.


Gently lift the applied tab, starting from the outer edgeting towards the inner edge. Clean the tab with ourshampoo tabsandBro.To clean adhesive residues, use ourtab removermakeup remover or baby oil.

Place the tabs in your original container to maintain your shape and be able to reuse.


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