Gelux Amarello
Gelux Amarello
Gelux Amarello
Gelux Amarello

Gelux Amarello


15 ml yellow enamel

Long-lasting semi-permanent enamel. It remains impeccable for weeks on natural nails, acrylic or gel nails.

It can also be used only as a paint and can be mixed with other colors.

Ref: GP-85


How to apply our Gelux semi-permante enamel:

1) Apply our antisepticHand Sanitizer to disinfect nails and hands

(2) Push cuticles back with ourtoolremove dead skins and stepparents

(3) Open the pores of the nail: for this will gently slide ourlime 180 or bufferon each nail until it has a “tizoous” look, that is without the natural shine.

(4) A layer ofNail Prepthat helps us dehydrate the nail by removing any fat that could have left us

5)The first appliesXtrabondon the natural nail

6) A thin base layer is appliedLuxury. Dry in lamp for 45 seg LED and 3 min UV. Do not cleanse with cleanser

7) Apply a first layer of any of ourGelux enamelsand dry in lamp 45 min LED 3 min UV). Don't cleanse with cleanser. A second layer can be applied if you want to add intensity to the color.

8) To finish, we sealed our nail with theTop Coat Luxurywhich was used at first, dry in lamp for 45 seg LED and 3 min UV. Clean the nail withcleanser

9) Use ourcuticle oilto rehydrate cuticle and skin around.


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