Clear Acrylic powder
Clear Acrylic powder
Clear Acrylic powder
Clear Acrylic powder

Clear Acrylic powder


Transparent acrylic powder

Clear acrylic powder contains a special formula that prevents it from becoming yellow. It also has a great commitment and long duration.

Very good consistency that helps you to work very easily the sculpture of the nail.

Ref: PL410C
  • 15 g
  • 30 gr
  • 59 gr
  • 118 gr
  • 240 gr
  • 680 gr
  • 3.8 g


How to use our Mia secret Acrylic powder product:

1) Apply our antiseptic Hand Sanitizerto disinfect nails and hands

(2) Push cuticles back with our toolremove dead skins and stepparents

(3) Open the pores of the nail: for this will be used our lima 180on each nail until it has a “tizoous” look, that is to say without the natural shine

(4) A layer of Nail Prepthat helps us dehydrate the nail by removing any fat that could have left us

(5) In case of applying tips for nail extension, you can use NO LINESto vanish the step with our natural nail

6) The first applies XTrabond only on the natural nail

7) The acrylic is applied on the nail, leaving the air dry. The application will be carried by mixing acrylic powder and monomerto form small balls

8) Limar the nail with lima speedy 100 or 180to unify deniveles and shape. Incide on the part glued to the cuticle

9) Use one of our top coatGlass Finish to seal the nail

10) Use our cuticle oilto rehydrate cuticle and skin around


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